About The Book

This book is a blueprint of my working business model. I use it every day to sell over $300,000 of product a year from my spare bedroom, and I keep in excess of $100,000 of that revenue! My business model is simple and very effective—use it and make money.

Whatever your motivation for purchasing this book, my hat is off to you. You clearly have a desire to change your current situation. I will do my best to help you find a lucrative path that may very well be fun, too! You might even find yourself muttering, “I wish I had done this years ago.”

I am currently in an online business selling on Amazon and have been doing so over four years now. This is not at all a get-rich-quick book. It is a simple outline of how I became an online seller using Amazon as the sales platform. I use my business model every day, and I add or subtract from it as warranted. It is a work in progress, which you can use for yourself to get started as an online entrepreneur or to modify your existing business model.

My journey into online sales hasn’t been the easiest venture I’ve undertaken, but it is definitely interesting, aggravating, exciting, and…well worth the effort. I started with a credit card, computer, and digital camera. I had a vague notion as to what I needed to do and a strong motivation to succeed, so I just jumped in headfirst. I have to say the learning curve took easily three years, and during that time I regularly feared failure.

It is my belief that this book will help you eliminate many of the mistakes, misunderstandings, and fears I encountered along the way. While you might make mistakes of your own, I provide a backdrop to help you stay focused on your goal to succeed—from someone who has been there already.

A fun easy to read book. Short and to the point with invaluable simple secrets. Worth the time.
— Satisfied Amazon Customer